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Black Opal Books Launches The Kiddush Ladies, Jewish Women’s Fiction Focusing on Friendship, Betrayal, Tradition, and Sanity

 Author Susan Sofayov’s second novel follows three lifelong friends from a Pittsburgh Synagogue as they struggle through theological confrontations, tragedy and redemption

 Pittsburgh, Pa: Black Opal Books and Mount Lebanon resident Susan Sofayov announced that Sofayov’s second work of women’s fiction, The Kiddush Ladies, was released on December tenth. The novel is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other retailers and etailers of quality books, or can be ordered directly through publisher Black Opal Books.

Reminiscent of a darker Steel Magnolias, The Kiddush Ladies follows Naomi, Becky, and Myriam-—three women whose tight-knit Jewish community of home-spun support has sustained their life-long bond. When Becky’s only son strays outside their faith in his engagement to a Catholic girl, the after-shock threatens to rend the fabric that has bound all three women since their childhoods. Drawing on themes such as religious devotion, infidelity, ironic tragedy, and the dangers of a non-forgiving heart, The Kiddush Ladies weaves an intricate story of how, through a generation’s worth of tribulations that shaped their world, three matriarchs discover the power to redeem or destroy each other’s lives.

The Kiddush Ladies emphasizes how our faith structures our relationships, yet how our own actions and loyalties play a heavy-handed role in our destinies,” says Lauri Wellington, Acquisitions Editor for Black Opal Books. “It shows how a refusal to compromise in the face of change can yield its own set of unintended consequences. In this story, each reaction causes a series of emotional dominoes to fall, until all three women and their families are irrevocably changed, shedding light on the delicate correlation between fate and forgiveness.”

Susan Sofayov’s debut novel Defective, the story of a young law student struggling with undiagnosed Bipolar II disorder, received rave reviews on for its eloquent writing and deeply sensitive yet hopeful exploration of mental illness. Sofayov has since been a featured speaker at community groups and universities, and Defective has been listed as official resource material by the International Bipolar Foundation. Read Susan’s blog at or follow her on Twitter @Susan_Sofayov.

About Black Opal Books

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Black Opal Books is a boutique press, serving both new and established authors. The publisher is dedicated to producing quality books and helping both experienced and debut authors find a home for those stories that just have to be told. Genres include all areas of romance, as well as women’s fiction, historicals, mysteries, thrillers, young adult, and non-fiction.



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