Struggling To Get The Word Out/Public Apology

I’m really struggling in my attempts to get the word out on JERUSALEM STONE.  I’m starting to believe that readers are avoiding it because of the ending of THE KIDDUSH LADIES.  I got a considerable amount of email and reviews from disgruntled readers.

What I’ve learned from the experience is I will never write another tragedy.  I still stand by the ending of THE KIDDUSH LADIES.  It would have felt forced if Becky suddenly woke up, and everything was hunky-dory.  Her decline from sanity was too far gone for her to change.

With that said, JERUSALEM STONE is not a tragedy.  It’s a journey from grief to light, and I hope readers will give it a chance.

I poured my heart into this one.   front cover (14)

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6 Responses to Struggling To Get The Word Out/Public Apology

  1. Mary Horvath says:

    I just finished Jerusalem Stone. I loved the book. It’s a love story mixed with life and spitball undertones. I loved the ending!!!

  2. Mary Horvath says:


    I just finished Jerusalem Stone. I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. I thought it was a wonderful story.

    • soupmomma says:

      Thanks, Mary! If you have a minute, please leave review (even one word will do) on Amazon. Hope you are well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have no reason to apologize. Continue to be true to yourself and your stories. Jerusalem Stone is a beautiful journey!

  4. Judi Frankel says:

    I’m currently reading ‘Jerusalem Stone’ now. I could have finished
    It, but I am savoring the characters, as it’s a pretty good
    story. I love the Avi character and I know what the
    ending will be. However, I wasn’t crazy about your other
    book, Kiddush Ladies. I think if you didn’t end the story
    like it did, it wouldn’t have read so weirdly.
    I really enjoy reading JS and will finish it tonight.

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