Not A Disney Ending

free-wallpaper-disney-3I received this email recently:

“I do want to share, we were picking the next few books for book club.  I was talking about your book and someone explained it so I get it now.
It was an Israeli woman.  She said Americans like Disney endings.  Everyone lives happily ever after.  Israelis like to leave you thinking. Your book leaves you thinking.  It’s memorable.  Any other ending It might not be in my thoughts.”


As an author, there’s nothing I hate more than spoilers.  But I keep hearing comments and groans about the ending to The Kiddush Ladies, so I will respond.

I wrote an ending that may not be Disney, but it’s the ending I felt was needed to emphasize the point of the story.  Sometimes it’s our own actions and decisions that prevent us from living “happily ever after.”

I hope when you reach the final pages of the book that you put it down and think…

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