Passwords, Post-it-Notes & The Black Hole

Passwords—I hate them.  Every six months or so, Pini nags me about changing our passwords. This would be a reasonable request—if he bothered to memorize the ones I created after his last lecture on cyber security.  He claims I lack a system for password maintenance, which is so untrue.  Every single password I create is immediately scrawled onto a Post-It-Note and stuck to the wall beside my monitor. I never said it was a good system, but you can’t argue that it is, in fact, a system. istock-post-it-notes1 The squares of paper inevitably fall to the floor behind my desk—the Sofayov version of a black hole.  Once that tiny yellow square of paper hits the floor, it throws me into the cycle, create a new password, write it on a Post-It-Note, stick to the wall, fall into the black hole behind the desk—lather, rinse, repeat. Years ago, pre-major brain altering medication and pre-menopause, I could remember my passwords.  (Yes, I know the dark ages of the Internet. When only one password mattered.  The one the nice man asked for after telling me “You’ve got mail.”)

Then the cyber criminals came along.  Forget identity theft, now I have to create passwords that contain numbers. I can barely remember my home phone number.  As for adding symbols, I’ve picked my favorite, and I’m sticking with it until they create a symbol representing a frustrated woman, thumbing her nose at the computer screen. Sorry, for the rant.  But I think I’ve found a solution.  Today I’m going on Ebay to search for a Rolodex.  A lot of you older folks will remember those—cards stuck into a thingy with a knob on the side.  Spin the knob…  (Forget it, just see below.)

rolodex2 I’m creating a special card for each website, just the basics, web address, title, log in ID and password.  It will sit next to my monitor, within easy reach.  Also, I’ve decided to ignore Pini, who insists that:  A. The computer replaced the Rolodex.   B. The problem isn’t passwords, just my inability to organize anything to his standards.  (He hates piles and loves folders.) I’m hoping this will work because, I’ve run out of letter, number, symbol combinations.  All those brains in Silicon Valley should be able to come up with a better way.  So, until then, any organizational suggestions would be appreciated.  -s

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