Book Update

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Friday!

I am exited to report that DEFECTIVE is inching its way toward the shelves. This week it entered the second round of editing. Faith, the editor at Black Opal Books, said it should be finished in two or three weeks! Then it will be my turn to correct all of her redlines. Say a prayer or cross your fingers that my fear of seeing the entire manuscript covered in red ink, except for one really well written sentence, doesn’t come true. ¬†Just kidding. Her job is to help me polish my work until it becomes the best story it can be.

I’m also thrilled that my talented young friend Daphne Schlesinger has agreed to design the front cover!

I hope to know an exact publication date soon. Next steps, marketing plan. This is when I am going to ask for your support. Please, friends, once the book is available, help me spread the word. Tweet-Facebook-Linked-In-Pinterest-telephone-carrier pigeon-owl…

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy the day.  -s


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