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Mental Health & the Media or I Told You So!

This article was posted on Facebook by World Bipolar Day.  It conveys the message I have been preaching since I wrote Defective.  The media feeds the stereotyping of the mentally ill.  We are not just our diagnosis! Kudos to Kristin … Continue reading

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Passwords, Post-it-Notes & The Black Hole

Passwords—I hate them.  Every six months or so, Pini nags me about changing our passwords. This would be a reasonable request—if he bothered to memorize the ones I created after his last lecture on cyber security.  He claims I lack … Continue reading

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Punctuation and Holidays

Last week, I spent four days in the Lehigh Valley attending a writer’s conference and hanging out with my old college roommate.  I arrived home late Tuesday afternoon and immediately went into Passover cleaning overdrive. As I scrubbed, vacuumed and … Continue reading

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Social Media Apology

I seriously believe people born after 1985 inherited a mutated gene that gives them an innate ability to understand the social rules of cyberspace society.  Our children may disappoint us when they text during dinner, but plenty of strangers in … Continue reading

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An Unhappy Anniversary

Today is the one-year anniversary of the brother’s passing.  For the last couple of days, I’ve been contemplating what I want to write on this blog.  Of course, all the clichés and metaphors come to mind, which I guess is … Continue reading

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One More Hug

As a writer, I love words, from the funniest sounding like kerfuffle to the mundane like water.  This week I’ve been obsessing over a couple of words, beginning with the word sibling.  It’s such a cold, sterile sounding word, perfect … Continue reading

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Thomas Pynchon and Writing

I just returned from a wonderful weekend at the Pennwriter’s conference.  My thoughts are whirling with writing rules and editing advice. Since this piece is about writers, I decided to post it just for fun.  It’s the first thing I … Continue reading

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Is the glass half full or half empty?

Sometimes in life the question isn’t is the glass half empty or is the glass half full.  There are times in life you have to accept that you’re facing two glasses—one is empty, and the other is full. I’m struggling … Continue reading

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Today is my son’s sixteenth birthday.  A milestone meant to be celebrated.  After all, Ben is a gift—truly, a gift.  A few years ago he was hit by a car and Hashem let me keep him.  I give thanks for … Continue reading

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Facebook Postings and The Hunger Games

Recently, two subjects merged in my head, my Facebook friends’ sentimental postings recalling our collective youth and the third book in the Hunger Games series. Believe it or not, there is logic behind this mental mashup. At the end of … Continue reading

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