My Night at The Moth Story Slam Pittsburgh

WARNING: Graphic description of birth and strong language.

My fun night at The Moth Story Slam. Warning, I use 2 bad words. One is really bad and the other is on my Mom's approved list of bad words.

WARNING: Graphic description of birth and strong language.

Posted by Susan Dobransky Sofayov on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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1st Place!

Jerusalem Stone won 1st place in the

Inspirational Category of the I Heart Indie Contest!


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Jerusalem Stone Giveaway


Visit for a chance to win a copy of Jerusalem Stone. (signed, of course.)

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I Heart Indie Contest Finalist!

I’m thrilled to announce that JERUSALEM STONE is a finalist in the Las Vegas Romance Writers

I Heart Indie Contest!

iheartindief18 (2)

(I’ve never been a finalist in anything before!)


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Jumping for joy over this 5 Star Review!


I’m seriously considering having this review framed!  After some of the brutal reviews I got for The Kiddush Ladies, this feels sooo good. 

Thank you Divine Zape.


Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Jerusalem Stone by Susan Sofayov is an inspirational and engaging story that follows one woman’s journey in search of meaning after being struck by tragedy and loss. Twenty-three-year-old Julie Wasserman loses her job the same day her twin brother and best friend, Jack, is brutally killed in a car accident. Consumed by grief, she resolves to visit her brother’s grave every day. But then having many weeks before the start of her new job, she decides to visit Thailand, the one place her brother had always wanted to go. A chance encounter with an attractive Israeli man at the beach pulls her out of her mourning. She quickly discovers that she is developing feelings for the handsome young Avi and is falling for him — something she sees as betrayal to her brother. But can Avi make her believe that their meeting is more than a coincidence? 

A tale of loss, grief, and romance with surprising twists and turns in the plot that readers won’t see coming. It begins with awesome images of the beach and the reader is immediately introduced to Julie and Avi. I loved the character Avi — handsome, but with a sense of humor and persistence that makes it impossible for Julie to ignore him. The themes of death, loss, grief, solitude, and love are handled with great skill and they are ingeniously embedded in the story. Susan Sofayov’s writing is exquisitely good, with descriptions that are vivid and that conjure up beautiful images and scenes. The author shows a great gift for setting, plot, and character, but it is her ability to unveil strong emotions in the characters that got me. An impeccably good and moving story.

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Donation to Chabad of Thailand

To support the important work Chabad does in Thailand, ten percent (10%) of all profits from JERUSALEM STONE will be donated to Chabad of Thailand. 



I would be remiss if I did not thank the organization that inspired this story.  In 2016, my husband and I traveled to Thailand and had the opportunity to visit the Chabad Houses in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Sumui and Phuket.. Chabad Houses around the world provide a home away from home for all Jews. Inside the welcoming doors of Chabad of Thailand are kosher restaurants, holiday and Shabbat Services, and many other forms of assistance.  For my husband and I the most moving part of our trip was seeing the young Jewish faces entering the building and enjoying a Shabbat dinner with hundreds of Jews from all over the world.


 More information on this great organization can be found at:


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New Review

Many, many thanks to Annie at “Left on the Shelf Book Blog” for this wonderful review of Jerusalem Stone!
“Ms. Sofayov’s evocation of the travels of the two characters are extremely well done and she brought the places to life upon the page. The heat, smells and noises were palpable. In fact, the title takes it’s name from the type of stone used on the buildings in Jerusalem and her descriptions were so elegantly drawn that I almost felt as though I was there.”
Click link to read the full review!
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Ask Me Anything!

I’m hosting an Ask Me Anything. Please stop by, ask a question, and don’t forget to click “Like” button.

Susan AMA

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Book Recommendations

I was excited to see that both The Kiddush Ladies and Jerusalem Stone are on the Jewish Women’s Archive Reader Recommended List!


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Struggling To Get The Word Out/Public Apology

I’m really struggling in my attempts to get the word out on JERUSALEM STONE.  I’m starting to believe that readers are avoiding it because of the ending of THE KIDDUSH LADIES.  I got a considerable amount of email and reviews from disgruntled readers.

What I’ve learned from the experience is I will never write another tragedy.  I still stand by the ending of THE KIDDUSH LADIES.  It would have felt forced if Becky suddenly woke up, and everything was hunky-dory.  Her decline from sanity was too far gone for her to change.

With that said, JERUSALEM STONE is not a tragedy.  It’s a journey from grief to light, and I hope readers will give it a chance.

I poured my heart into this one.   front cover (14)

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